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Remember, remember the 27th of November.

Hello my darling babies, I realised last night that I hadn't yet told you about a very special part of your story; our beautiful, breathless, whirlwind of a wedding day - organised in a fortnight and sealed with rings of surgical steel... wearing a £30, second hand, dress from eBay and serving our long-suffering guests nothing but a glass or two of bubbles. 

Having booked ourselves in for IVF we discovered that most European clinics require a marriage certificate, so plans for a decadent wedding went out of the window and in their place we had a real life fairy-tale. 

We didn't even have a photographer but one of your Daddy's dearest friends, Andrew Cawley, who happens to be a very successful professional photographer, took it upon himself to spontaneously capture the magic; a gift for which we are eternally grateful. 
It was the happiest day of my life - until we found out that we were pregnant with you and I saw your Daddy's face - and then that was the happiest day of my life... how did I get so lucky? I love you all so very, very much. 


This is the poem that your Grumpa read at the ceremony.  It was written by your Mummy, for your Daddy, about a year after we met.  To this day the framed handwritten first draft sits on his bedside table.

Gentle, humble, generous,

Could I only be,

Thoughtful, kind and caring,

As you are to me.


To live by your example,

Admiration knows no bounds,

To follow in your footsteps,

Where contentment can be found.


You are my inspiration,

Living is worthwhile,

A scholar to your lessons,

Life is less a trial.


I would not be without you,

For the moon, the stars, the sun;

You are my soul equation,

One and one is one.