Archie and I have been trying for a baby for a little over three years now but, sadly, so far, we have not been blessed.  Welcome to our ‘diary of a maybe baby’; perhaps you are reading this because you care for us and you want to keep up with our progress, perhaps you are reading this because you, too, have been unable to conceive and you need some solidarity, or perhaps you are reading this because you are 18 and you have just told us that you ‘hate us’ and we ‘don’t love you’.  If it is the former then thank you, your love and support is a lifeline, if you are on your own IVF journey, then we hope you find some comfort here and if you are OUR very own beautiful, ungrateful teenager, then don’t feel too bad.  You’re meant to hate us and we’re meant to figure out a way to show you that we know we’re not perfect but we really have loved you, more than you know, since before you were born.  How are we doing?

Your Daddy is the love of my life.  I met him in a Doctor’s surgery in Kilcreggan, where he was chaperoning his crazy wee, elderly Ma to a psych appointment.  We used to joke that when we met, he exchanged his crazy wee Ma for his crazy wee wife – this kind of joke is known as ‘kidding on the square’.  As I am sure you will know by now he has an innate capacity to nurture, protect and care for the people he loves – you are his child, so there was never any doubt that this would extend to you – but your Daddy didn’t have to pick me, he could have walked on by.  Choosing me was the greatest gift I have ever been given.  Your Daddy literally saved my life with his kindness and, by saving me, he made you possible; which makes him my hero all over again.  Right now he is 33 years old, his favourite trainers are adidas gazelles and he drives a BMW – literally right now, he has just put money on there being under 2.5 goals in the Tottenham v Crystal Palace match and if you are reading this then it is very unlikely that he still drives a BMW.

Hi, this is Archie, Temora has asked me to write a few words;

She mentioned that we met in the doctors surgery, which we was when we met properly – but we first exchanged words about twelve years previous to that on the street in Rosneath.  My friends and I had come home after the pub and Temora was walking by, she decided to stop and chat for a minute and this was the first time I had any contact with the most beautiful girl in the world.  Never, in a million years, did I think I’d have a chance with her let alone her actually being my soulmate and becoming my wife!

We love each other very much and want to have a family, which is why we are here in Croatia now.  We’re here because the waiting list for IVF on the NHS in the UK is huge and the cost of private treatment is also huge.  We’ve moved heaven and earth to make this opportunity happen and Temora is about to put herself through a physical and emotional roller coaster for which I will always be grateful to her for.



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  1. Hi temora,u prob won’t remember me but I worked with ash in hungrys yrs ago. I wish you and archie all my best wishes and prayers in ur journey for ur baby. My time has passed for this for many reasons so I can guess how u feel so don’t ever give up and don’t let any docs say u can’t do it! All my love margo xxx

    1. Of course I remember you!! I loved all the girls at Hungrys – I guess I even loved Hungrys – in a crazy, ‘everything here is totally mental’ kind of way! Thank you so much for getting in contact and sending us your blessing – it really does touch us every time someone wishes us well. I am so sorry if not having children has been a cause of sadness – I realise that not everyone wants them so I don’t like to presume – that being said, if life has taught me anything, it is that the strangest things can happen at the most unexpected times and whatever the rest of your journey entails I am quite sure that anything you predict today will be a mockery in five years. I wish you all the very, very best. With lots of love and hope for a happy future for us all, take care lovely xxx

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