22 May 2014

There was a bit of a muddle at the hospital so we didn’t get our full, all singing, all dancing, 20 week scan, complete with bells, whistles and measurements… but there is now one definitely booked in for next week.   In the meantime though, they had a quick peek just to let us know that, (in a general, non-committal, capacity), everything is progressing as it should.  Sometimes pictures speak louder than words and this I think is one of those times…

After a lot of this...
After a lot of this…
And this  :(
And this 😦
We are finally at 9 weeks and 4 days...
We are finally at 19 weeks and 4 days, (nearly 5 months)!
An exterior view of the toxwins...
An exterior view of the toxwins…
And this is what they look like on the inside!! Two little beating hearts, (who in reality are lying bum to bum - but in this scan pic have been cut and pasted so they sit side by side).
And this is what they look like on the inside!! Two little beating hearts, (who in reality are lying bum to bum – but in this scan pic have been cut and pasted so they sit side by side).
Which makes for two very relieved and proud parents, hoping for a slightly easier ride from here on in!
Which makes for two very relieved and proud parents, hoping for a slightly easier ride from here on in!

14 thoughts on “22 May 2014

  1. Go Tem!! Amazing how far on you are now….love hearing all your updates. Take care and looking forward to hearing how it all progresses….xx

    1. Thank you, thank you! What a roller coaster! So relieved to see their little hearts beating away. They’re so big now that they can’t lie horizontally but the lower one appears to be head down so, who knows, maybe I’ll avoid a c-section… for some reason I’m more scared of that than ordinary labour. There’s not a lot of wiggle room so it would have to execute a fairly spectacular manoeuvre to do a 180 now. Lots of love to you and yours and thank you again for travelling the distance with us xxx

  2. So glad u r feeling better and all is well. I’ve deleted my Facebook but will check up on u here and keep in touch xx

    1. Hey pretty girl, I hope you’re ok – deleting your facebook account suggests that you’ve had a bit of a rough time of it… you can get me directly on temora@live.co.uk if you don’t want to broadcast your life via blog land – whatever is going on, thank you so much for taking the time to check in on us and send your love – I’m sending it right back with cuddles and kisses xxx

  3. Glad your doing better have been getting updates fro Aisling as I’m working at the hotel with her! So happy for you and hope the ride gets much easier for you all xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely one! We’re so grateful for our two little terrors – but it has been a wee bitty tough going so it would be really special if we got a few months to enjoy being prospective parents before they arrive and we have to knuckle under for the next twenty years! Lots of love from both of us to you and hopefully see you soon xxx

  4. I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled upon your blog sooner! This is all wonderful news I am so very happy for you both and what a joy it is to read your blog! I have major writing envy 🙂 aside from that it’s lovely to read about your journey at the moment. Hope to see you soon x

    1. Hello lovely, multi-talented, hard-working girl! How nice to hear from you 🙂 I have absolutely no doubt that, if you want them, true love, marriage and beautiful babies will come your way – but I have a funny feeling that that adventurous, entrepreneurial spirit of yours has some fancy adventures lined up for you first! I hope you’re happy in your job and your life – we’re so grateful for your kind words and good wishes – maybe next time we see you, we’ll have two little Yuille’s for you to inspire with your super motivated approach to everything you do. Lots of love xxx

  5. First of all, congrats on your twins, I’m so happy for you and I hope that you are doing great and that everything is OK. I just read your blog from the beginning – I’m from Croatia and it was really interesting reading how you described Zagreb and Betaplus clinic (for example, we had the same thought about colorful waiting room and nice and professional staff). We are soon to go there, about to start our battle to get our baby. Your thoughts on everything meant a lot. Take care, and I hope that you and your family are going to have a chance to come to a vacation in Croatia!

    1. What a wonderful message to receive! I am so glad that our blog has offered someone a little support as they embark on this momentous journey. We both wish you the very, very best of health and good spirits with which to approach and endure the upcoming weeks! There’s nothing you can do that’s right or wrong, just put one foot in front of the other and remember that you’re only doing this because you love each other so much. Please give Dr Romana a cuddle from us – and please let us know how you’re getting along… if we can offer a listening ear or some words of support along the way it would be our very great pleasure. We will definitely be back! We supported Croatia in the World Cup – don’t get me started on the refereeing of the opening game – aaarggghh! I’d like to see the beach next time so, who knows, maybe we can all take an IVF baby trip to the beach for some fun in the sun! All the very best to you both xxxx

  6. I stumbled upon the blog whilst sat in the waiting room at my local hospital waiting for a scan. I’ve now got an embyo fingers crossed growing inside me after a frozen transfer four days ago. Your blog has provided a vital but hopeful distraction and I hope one day I will experience the roller coaster with a baby on board. Hugs to you both.xxx

    1. Hello sweet girl, thank you for your kind comment. The two week wait is SOooo tough but hang on in there, (as if you have any choice?!). Maybe even start writing your own little account of your journey for your own little maybe baby? Doesn’t have to be a blog or anywhere near as detailed – just cast your mind back over the blood tests and forms and proceedures and write free hand? Even if the worst happens and this little maybe baby is not meant to be, you may end up trying again and it won’t mean any less to your child to see how many mountains you climbed to meet them. If this is not for you then just hold onto your pants and keep putting one paw in front of the other – it may feel hopeless sometimes but with every passing minute you’re a wee bit closer to the wait being over. I have everything crossed for you – let me know how it goes. Take care ma petit xxxx

      1. Aw thank you,
        I have a frostie onboard from my second cycle. It failed in April and I only found out that one kept growing so was frozen when we had our follow up appointment in July. I believe it’s my extra life line and think that if anything’s strong enough, this frostie is determined.
        I’m off work but going back tomorrow as I’m a teacher and my class of 8year olds will be getting excited for Christmas and I need to have some of their magic!
        Thank you so much for your reply
        Rebecca. Xxxx

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