A bloody battle.

I have just received an email about my blood test results. I think it was just a basic full blood count but it has come back normal and, apparently this is a VERY good sign!!! Certainly it has cheered Dr Romana up immeasurably and she says that this makes going ahead with the implantation much more likely!! Who knew a full blood count could be so significant? I am so pleased - I know we're not out of the woods until tomorrow morning but I don't think she would have sent such a positive email if she had serious reservations. Could it possibly be that things are actually going to work out OK? I am sure it has been an epic battle between Archie's guardian angel and my malicious little army of gremlins - but it looks like Archie's angel might be taking serious casualties! For the second time today - 'Guan yersel!'.

4 thoughts on “A bloody battle.

    1. Thank you Ellie – I am a bit giddy, I know I’m being premature but I can’t help it. The worry has been so intense. Thank you so much for sticking with us – we’re eternally grateful xxx

  1. The last 2 bloggy bits where like reading a cliffhanger! I think I held my breath the whole way!!! I think I speak for everyone saying we have absolutely everything (fingers, toes, legs, arms and even eyes!) Crossed for you both. We’re routing for you to level out and for those little ones of yours! Love u guys Xxx

    1. Gems I am so grateful – thank you! To be honest the doctor’s email took us totally by surprise – we had begun to teeter on the brink of despair and we hadn’t thought that the blood test would make much of a difference either way. Her positivity came completely out of the blue – makes me think Archie’s angel spent the day kicking some serious ass! Obviously things could change overnight but I am lying down and drinking like a fish – which made such a difference last night that I really do have hope! Fingers crossed wee one – we’re on the home stretch, (of this bit anyway). And, just for the record – I really do believe that everyone following this blog has been helping shift the universe in our favour – and I will NEVER forget it. No matter how it turns out, I know that it is going so much better than it would’ve done without you. Lots of love xxx

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